Whip My Hair

There were two things that I had been having an anxiety attack over for the past 25 years of my life. You may think I’m one irrational individual when I tell you but thankfully you are unknown to me since this is cyberspace. Yep, two things have been making me nervous for a quarter of a century, sending me into a fury of adrenaline and anxiousness anytime I thought about the day they would come. What are those two things you ask?

1. The speech I would give at my twin sister’s wedding…which I will post about tomorrow.

2. The bachelorette party I would plan for my twin sister’s wedding.

Silly right? I would agree. However, silly or not didn’t change the fact that anxiety was my natural reaction to these inevitable upcoming events. So, when Beth got engaged in October, I began the process of dealing with my fears. Why would I be afraid to plan a bachelorette party for my best friend? Well, for that exact reason. How does one plan a party that accurately honors their BFF of…life? Not easily let me tell you. Plus, my perfectionistic side doesn’t help at all. However, after a LOT of planning and consideration, I settled on a plan. Beth LOVES the outdoors. Even more than that she LOVES dancing. And even more than that, she LOVES people. So, I did my best to combine the three of those into a day that would honor this beautiful bride. We spent the evening with a night on the town but we spent the afternoon lounging around, enjoying lakeside play and simply being with the women she loved most. It was a beautiful warm Florida afternoon and the house could not have been a better location (thanks to a sweet K Life mom).

The best part was of course my ultimate surprise…a hip hop dance instructor. Yeah. You heard me. I mean business. Beth loves hip hop so I hired an instructor to come and teach us a dance in the backyard. Of course, in honor of all our years at Kanakuk Kamps, we had to dance to Whip My Hair by Willow Smith. Duh. Boy did we do some hair whippin’ too. One severe headache and lots of laughter later, we were ready to be in Beyonce’s next vid. So ready that we even performed it at the reception. Pure awesomeness! I’ve included pics and the video of the day so that you can feel like you were right there. If you feel so inspired, don’t hesitate to do some hair whippin’ right along with us. It provides a really good time! At the end of the day, it was a success and I had completed the first half of my longtime dreaded MOH responsibilities. Check back tomorrow to hear about the ultimate anxiety attack giver…the speech!

Happy Tuesday!



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