She’s Been MIA.

So…you may have been wondering where I have been the last week and a half. Or…you may not have been. But, for the sake of my ego let’s just pretend that you are an avid Mary Fields Photography blog follower and that you have been worried sick about me for the last 10 days.

“Where could she be?!?! I hope she’s alright! I’m checking her site every day and she hasn’t posted anything! I’m ready for a new post! Should I call the police?”

Admit it, those were your exact thoughts. At least that’s what I’m hoping you were thinking and since this is cyberspace, I get to make believe. Wonderful isn’t it how this blogging thing works? I sure think so.

Well folks, you can stop the search. I am just fine! The last week and a half has been pretty crazy on my end though. My entire family (minus Beth and David) came to town to search for my little sister’s weddin’ dress. Yes, I just said weddin’. On purpose. We spent the weekend scouring the Dallas metroplex for the perfect dress. Actually, it was the second one she tried on but being dramatic is way more fun. Once we purchased the white lace beauty, we headed home for some good time family fun that may have included Harry Potter Jelly Beans. We might have a sick sense of humor. Sunday I had the privilege of shooting Emily and Stephens engagement pics which was a blast. Can’t believe she is getting married! Four months ago I was shooting Beth and David’s….oh how life is flying by. Then began the real adventure. My man and I set off into the desert with his younger brother to explore the wilderness for four days. You didn’t know I was such an outdoorsy mountain woman did you? Well…neither did I. Fun stories to come from that! After living outside for several days, we made our way back home where the pace of life caught up with me and thus, no blogging over the weekend. It’s Monday morning though and it’s time to return to the grind, although in reality, I love this blog! So, here is an update of whats to come this week on the bloggity! No special order of course.

Hope all you ‘avid’ readers out there didn’t worry about me too much! If you did call the police…that’s a little extreme but I’m flattered (dripping with sarcasm).

Happy Monday!

Oh you know…I HAVE to do a post about my mountaineering week. Just call me Davey Crockett. Or maybe Davina. The boys almost fell off a cliff but luckily they are both really strong and pulled themselves up while I calmly took pictures. No biggie.

Yep, she’s officially getting married and I have a LOT of favorites to share. Did you think otherwise?

Last but not least, this is a good one. I’ll save it all for the blog but how I ended up shooting this wedding is one for the record books. Stay tuned for the full story!


One thought on “She’s Been MIA.

  1. I WAS getting worried. TO had 91 dialed, just waiting to complete my 911 call… But you returned in the “nick” of time. Why do we say that, I’m unsure/ glad you’re back and await these tales of your time in the wild. You’re crazy!

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