Second Star to the Right and Straight on Til Morning

Sometimes I feel like it’s not really happening. Like maybe I’m playing make believe. You know, when your imagination takes you to far off places and it includes pixie dust, pirates and the ‘second star to the right and straight on til morning’? Yeah. That’s kind of what I feel like must be happening lately. I must be imagining it.

They arrived yesterday. There was a knock on the door and I could see the UPS man standing outside waiting for me to answer. ‘Oh my gosh! They are here!‘ I thought to myself in a mix of excitement and fear. As I opened the door he looked up at me and said, ‘I have a delivery for uh…let me see…Mary Powell? Is that you?’Yes! Yes it is!” I said with far too much anticipation. He handed me that silly pen to sign on their silly machine that always makes you feel like a silly child cause it never comes out right. I made my ‘mark’ and hurriedly grabbed the small box, making sure to at least say thank you. I ran inside and announced, ‘They’re here! They’re here!” as if anyone cared even half as much as I did. I busted open the box and pulled them out. There they were. Crisply cut and ready for the viewing. My very first business cards. It was a significant moment cause you see, as my dad so eloquently put, “When you have business cards…that means you must be in business.”

The previous statement still feels like make believe to me. Like pixie dust, pirates and stars that lead to Neverland. I can’t believe that Mary Fields Photography is finally a reality. It’s a dream come true. I’ll share more about that journey in the next few weeks when the new site goes up! Whoo hoo! Can’t wait to share it with you! Until then, we will rejoice in my new logo…so sweetly designed by the ever-amazing Lauran Levy. Lauran is a PHENOMENAL graphic designer and even better, my future cousin-in-law. If you need a GD, she is your girl. I love what she designed for me! Also included below are my new business cards! Can’t wait to get these in people’s hands! Mary Fields would love to tell your story through my lens!

Here’s to make believe and dreams come true!

Happy Wednesday!

Here is a sneak peek of tomorrow’s blog! I spent a good portion of this past weekend improving my ring shots. It was a fun day and I gotta say, I’m addicted! Macro photography is difficult but worth mastering! Check back tomorrow to see more!


4 thoughts on “Second Star to the Right and Straight on Til Morning

  1. Love the cards, love the ring shot! So clever and crisp. So excited for all God has in store for you as your step out in faith on your business venture!

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