You Bet..and Some Blinggity on the Bloggity.

It was 1979 and they were in love. In love in the great romantic city of Washington DC. It was about October, leaves were changing and they were sitting on the floor discussing the future of their relationship, where it was all headed. The ‘M’ word came up and he expressed his hope to use that ‘M’ word forever. With a bit of sass and a gleam in her eye, she said, “So are you asking me or telling me?” Slightly caught of guard but not missing a beat he replied, “Well…I guess I’m asking you. Will you marry me?” With a smile so big it could only belong to my mother, the queen of big smiles, she answered with a line infamous in the Powell household.

“You bet.”

I spent a good portion of this week perfecting my macro photography skills although they are FAR from perfection! Details like these are extremely hard to get just right. I spent a lot of time on every groom’s pride shot…the ring. After all, he liked it so he put some bling on it and its sparkly-ness needs to be shown to the world! I used my parents rings to practice which was a lot of fun. Enjoy some of my favorites!

Happy Thursday!

My favorite.


4 thoughts on “You Bet..and Some Blinggity on the Bloggity.

  1. I love them ALL! You are always improving, learning new things that make your pictures even more beautiful. What a tribute to your parents too! I’ll “bet” that they’re awfully proud of you. 🙂

  2. A very original idea. The diamond looks brightest on the orange or the purple flowers or even the turquoise. I remember the day only I thought they were on a picnic. I remember they had some pictures in a tree. Anyway you are really good. Love you…Granny

  3. Yiu were patterning your work after a photographer u really respect. I think you have come close to her standard with minimal time. Congrats.

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