A Little Pen and Paper.

Last night I couldn’t sleep. It was about 12:30 am. I was standing in front of the mirror in my bathroom, brushing my teeth and doing what I often do. Talking to myself. It’s true. I may be slightly schizophrenic or more likely…a verbal processor. My mind began to race as I thought of everything that needed to be done over the next week as I prepared for what is about to be some of the craziest weeks ever! Feeling like I was about to have an anxiety attack from all of the ‘to do’s’ that were doing a marathon through my brain and then out my mouth, I quickly spit out my toothpaste and grabbed my notepad. “To Do,” I wrote big and bold on top of the paper, underlining it with great vigor as if that made me feel more in control. Forcing my brain to take a short water break from the 26.2 mile trek it had embarked on, I jotted down everything I could think of. ‘Aagggh,’ I sighed to myself as I put down the pen. You see, even though it may be deceiving, putting it on paper always gives me some sense that I am at least on my way to winning the battle. ‘I can do this,” I assured myself and contently turned out the lights and shut my eyes, finally letting my mind run through its finish line.

The next 8 weeks of my life will be a bit insane you see. It’s wedding season and so life for me is about to get a little nutty. However, despite the fact that sometimes my brain feels like its running a marathon, I am so super excited that Mary Fields Photography is under way that it’s all worth it. Plus, some pen and paper with the words ‘To Do’ can go a long way.

Happy Monday!

(And since every post is better with pictures, the one below is honor of WEDDING SEASON! Oh yeah.)



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