If you have ever seen LOST…you know the significance of numbers.

4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42 anyone? If you aren’t a LOSTie you may not understand but if you are, you just checked your last lottery ticket to make sure you aren’t going to be cursed for the rest of your life…

Well 26.21.8. are my numbers as of late. I don’t pretend that these numbers will be so significant that they will draw people to strange sci-fi islands, but they do have a great deal of significance in my little world.

26. I turned twenty-six last week! Another year gone by and another year wiser right? Right. A shout out to my birthday partner for life, the newly married Beth Gilland! We have been sharing birthdays…well since the original birthday…and will be for the rest of our lives. It’s inevitable. It was a fairly normal day for me, as in I stayed in my shorts and t-shirt until about 6 pm. The life of working from home! The evening was fun though with some yummy food, good fellowship and fun activities! Beth and I got to spend the weekend together in Florida and celebrate with a small get together last night which was a blast. Funny, since being apart these last three years, we somehow manage to always be together on our birthday week…totally unplanned. Well, thanks 25 for being so great and 26…you have a lot to live up to so get crackin.

21. My sweet friends Autumn and Brian got married this past Saturday on the 21st in Sarasota, FL. She was a stunning bride and I was SO excited to be able to shoot the wedding! More to come on that soon!

8. This weekend started the craziness. Eight weddings in 8 weeks. Yep, you heard me. It is wedding season and that means my weekends are filled to the brim. It’s a marathon of a schedule but I couldn’t be more excited! Coffee is my new best friend, pinning on boutonnieres is my new trade and my camera will become my new permanent appendage. Bring it on!

Happy Monday!


One thought on “26.21.8.

  1. So excited for you to be full of weddings! It is hard and long work no doubt {way more so for a photographer than hairstylist}…yet, I imagine on week 9, (maybe 10…or 11 or 12+, I don’t know how long editing takes 😉 I hope and trust you will be enjoying reaping the financial benefits of a busy spring. Please stop by and visit us in PA next time you’re near!!!

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