Childhood Friends to Soul Mates: Kori + Colin Engagement Photography

They’ve known each other their whole lives but it took 15 years of separation to turn into love. Their dads have been friends since junior high. When they were kids, their families would spend summer vacations together in Colorado. They hiked, fished and were just kids together but little did they know it was the foundation of something much bigger. Better. Sweeter. Something significantly more special. It was the foundation of their love story.

After 15 years of not seeing each other due to life and its demands, they reconnected last September. It was like they picked up where they left off…just good friends. This time, however, there was a spark. It didn’t take long for these two to realize they were meant to be more than just childhood playmates. ‘We were quickly inseparable,’ she told me. In a whirlwind romance that is movie worthy, to the great joy of their families, this sweet couple is set to be wed this fall!

In an even more fun twist, Kori and I grew up down the street from each other! I have a distinct memory of participating in a July 4th neighborhood parade together (parade meaning we decorated our bikes with streamers and balloons. We were that good), not to mention graduating high school alongside her at dear old PO-HI. Funny that I knew her when she was spending the summers with her future husband. When she asked me to do their engagements I was thrilled to have the chance to reconnect!

Kori and Colin, thanks so much for letting me share in your engagement season! Our session was so much fun! Colin, you seriously made me laugh way too much and the ranch was an amazing place to shoot! Wishing you both the best as your prepare for your wedding and life together!

Enjoy some of my favorites! We shot at Colin’s family’s ranch and it was BEAUTIFUL!!! Seriously, I was giddy.

Happy Tuesday!

This was one of the first shots I took and I knew it was going to be a good day.


Girl. Seriously beautiful.

They had to wear ‘Bean boots’ because it was muddy in the field. LOVE it.


Took some ring shots while they were changing. Isn’t this bling beautiful!? Not to mention this was taken on a bull’s horn. Awesome.

Colin took me over to the stables and introduced me to all of the horses. What a fun setting and so fitting for him.


Probably one of my favorite shots ever. The kiss behind the cowboy hat just can’t be beat.

Dancing with his bride…

I may gasp a little every time I see this shot. If I could pick up this tree and take it with me…I totally would. If only.


If you have ever been a client of mine…you know what this light is called in my book. Yummy light. This is the part of the shoot where I could uncontrollably giddy. Unashamedly so.

Sweetly content.

Even though Kori and I are born and bred Okies, this brick was too good to pass up. Especially since they will be residents of Texas. I had to get permission from her first cause we both know Okie blood runs deep 🙂

I will close with this because it is maybe my favorite part 🙂 Colin gave me a pair of ‘Bean Boots’ to wear around the ranch as well! I felt like I got an authentic experience and so of course I had to document it. Duh. Enjoy me and my bean boots. I’m such a rancher. Remember, after all...I should have been Mrs. John Wayne. 


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