So recent events have got me thinking. Marriage. What a wonderful word that can’t even begin to express the depth of what it really is. Having never had the privilege of sharing in such a union, I know that my understanding is limited. However, having also had the great privilege of witnessing some incredible examples of marriage, I feel confident enough to say that the unity of a man and woman is unlike anything else. It is precious. Special. Ordained. Refining. Intimate.


I believe in this unity and I am blessed to be able to be a witness to so many covenants. In the midst of the chaos, the exhaustion and the stress of my profession, I feel so honored to document that significant day when a bride looks to her groom and says, “I do.” It is that union that is worth celebrating because it is set out by God, His plan…not our own.

As wedding season continues on, in the midst of all my craziness, I am grateful today to so frequently be able to join in celebration as a groom and his bride join in perfect unity.

Happy Friday.

(Mary Fields Photography)


2 thoughts on “Marriage.

  1. Love the ring pics Maria. As a committed supporter of your blog (and you!), I would like to make a request that you blog more often 🙂 I love your posts!

  2. Mary- you are such a great photographer AND writer! Can’t wait to see pics from the Mo and Bo wedding!

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