I wish I had more time for an actual post as I have some fun pics I can’t wait to share with you, Cyberspace. Maybe one day I’ll have a dog and name him Cyberspace in your honor…Cspace for short. Hmm, it has merit. Sorry, sidetracked but it was an interesting thought. Anyway, I don’t have time for a full post as my sweet sister, the happy newlywed herself is on her way to town, WHOOHOO!, and so I must get to cleaning and preparing. However, as I was editing pictures yesterday of a recent wedding, I came across this gem taken by the ever amazing John Cain Sargent.

It reminded me of something I don’t ever want to forget. When I’m going bleary-eyed from editing, when I’m spending my Saturday at the chapel instead of the pool and when my feet hurt from standing on them far too long, I don’t want to forget. No, I don’t want to forget that most people don’t get to do what I do. They long for what I do. You see, because I do what I love. Truly. That my sweet cyberspace is what I don’t want to forget…to be grateful.

Happy Friday.


6 thoughts on “Grateful.

    • Kasey,

      Thanks so much for inquiring! I use a canon 580ex ii. It’s pretty great. Still figuring it all out myself but its pretty reliable and provides good light. I would recommend it!

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