Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?

“Have I told you lately that I love you 
Could I tell you once again somehow 
Have I told you how with all my heart 
And soul I need you 
Well darling I’m telling you now 
My heart would break in two if I should lose you I’m no good without you anyhow 
Have I told you lately that I love you 
Well, darling, I’m telling you now “

These were the lyrics my Granny would sing over us as children. Words that we sing to each other now and words that I cherish so very dearly.

If you have been a follower of the blog for a while, you might know about the Herd Bull and His Bullette. My wonderful grandparents that lead our pack. The patriarchs of our crazy but wonderful clan. As I was going through all of my pictures from the last crazy 7 weeks, I found these gems from my cousin’s wedding last weekend and had to take a moment and pause. I paused you see because I was suddenly hit by an overwhelming feeling of pride. Not the kind of pride that leads to a fall. A more humble, grateful, blessed kind of pride in the heritage that I have. Pride in these two people who have so very much shaped who I am and the world I grew up in. A world that was characterized by godliness, love and laughter. Words cannot even begin to express how much I love these two and how much I admire who they are. My family, though we have our quirks, is a beautiful assemblage and picture of what family should be. We owe SO much of that to the faithfulness of these two. Their love for our God, their committed love for each other and their selfless love for each one of us has created a heritage that I am so proud to call my own.

Thank you Granny and Papa for leading this herd so well. You are both a treasure that I don’t deserve. I simply cannot express the way your lives have blessed and shaped my own…in the best possible way. Have I told you lately that I love you? Well…I am telling you now.

Happy Tuesday!

My Granny is still as beautiful as ever.  

My Papa and I dancing at the wedding. He is way better than I’ll ever be. So grateful that he is back on his feet after a painful battle with cancer. God is so very good.

I know the one on the left is blurry but I still loved it too much not to show it. What a memory for me 🙂

Just short of 60 years of marriage and still dancing. Still in love. They had their first date when they were 12. Married at 20 and dancing ever since. What a picture of marriage that the world needs to see. So grateful for this example in my life.


3 thoughts on “Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?

  1. I am crying. Love them so much. Such a treat to still see them dancing. And I think I took some of these pictures. When are you going to start paying me!? 🙂

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