An All-Star Team: Marissa + Peter

Mary Fields Photography

She is a gem. That woman who you look at and think, ‘I’d like to be like her.’ She is faithful. Patient. Kind. Godly. Joyful. A GREAT cook. Nurturing. Warm. Compassionate. Fun. Not to mention Beautiful.

Marissa is what you would call a catch. I mean really, she is an All-Star to the max. I’m sure she has her faults as we all do, but you can’t be around her for two minutes without wishing she could just rub off on you. Maybe if you just stand a little closer her All-Starness will have some affect on you…like osmosis. Well, this All-Star has been waiting for the Lord to bring her co-All-Star into the picture and not just waiting, but waiting patiently. Her faithfulness is uncanny and her standard for the man she was waiting for didn’t waiver. How wonderful too that the Lord did not disappoint.

They met about three years ago at the Kanakuk Institute where she is the Dean of Women, loving on the female students so very well and so very faithfully. He was a Chicagoan who had traveled the world and by a crazy connection had found this Bible training program tucked away in the Ozarks of Missouri. They were just friends for that year, although she was instantly endeared to the man that he was, the kind that is All-Star material. Upon graduation, he headed off to Hawaii and so she thought their roads were separated. A year later, however, his road brought him back to that little town in the hills and his heart began to be drawn to this catch of a woman. He would visit the summer camp she was running simply to be around her and to build that friendship he hoped turned into more. As summer ended and fall began, their friendship strengthened and her heart was more and more endeared to this man she had fallen for long ago. When he confessed his affection for her she was giddy with excitement.  After four-ish months of dating, he knelt to the ground and asked her to be his bride, seeing as everyone has the gem that was before him. On a perfect Saturday in early May, they joined hands and said their vows, promising forever. Their guests sat in a beautiful chapel overlooking the lake in that small Ozark town where it had all begun, and everyone was thinking the same thing about this All-Star team. It was worth the wait.

Marissa, words cannot express how serious I am when I say that you are a gem. You are genuinely a model of a godly woman. Thank you for being such a sweet friend over the years. Being part of your wedding was an incredible blessing for me as I got to witness the great faithfulness of our God. Peter, there are few that would deserve a woman like Marissa but simply put…you do. What a match the Lord has ordained! Wishing you both the best in the years to come!!

Happy Sunday!

(And once again…there are too many. Apparently my ‘working on it’ isn’t going very well)

Marissa and Peter kept a chain to count down the days. They saw each other for coffee that morning and broke the last chain together. Sweet.

Peter wrote her the sweetest note for his ‘Wife’ and she of course had to share it with her girlfriends…duh.

You didn’t know that I was a make-up artist on wedding day as well did you? Just call me Wonderwoman.

And this is my other Wonderwoman half. My sister the hair stylist. She’s the best.

This wedding chapel is beautiful and both Marissa and Peter wanted to get married here, even before they were dating.

I had to post these in honor of Mia, Marissa’s mini cooper. The get away car and her baby!

Somehow cowboy boots remain a theme in my work and its totally unplanned. I love it though.

Sweet moment between the bride and her mother. It’s moments like this that make my job so fun.

Marissa, really you were a STUNNING bride.

Can you tell she is an All-Star by the number of friends she has?!? See, I’m not the only one that thinks so. Pretty girls.

Beautiful bride.

Marissa’s niece was the flower girl and I am so glad I was there for this moment…seeing her aunt for the first time. Moments like this are priceless.

And see what I mean about him being an All-Star too? Obviously he is well liked!

Praying before the ceremony. What a blessing for me to be there in the midst of this.

Here comes the bride! Peter’s face says it all.

I think he’s excited or something…

This reaction to being pronounced ‘husband and wife’ is the best ever. Not to mention what he was given permission to do because of it…

Officially Mr. and Mrs.!

Love this.

So…there was this really awesome Rolls Royce.

Marissa LOVES coffee so there had to be a coffee bar. However, they went the extra mile and roasted their own coffee beans as a gift for their guests. The Bo and Mo blend (Peter’s nickname is Bodie). Can you say awesome?

Coolest ring story ever…Marissa bought this ring for her future-husband several years ago when she visited Israel. Now, Peter gets to wear it for the rest of his life.

The original woman in his life as observed by the new woman in his life.

Marissa’s sweet grandfather asked her to dance…and I cried.

Most precious thing…a dad and his daughter dancing.

Sweaty boy getting his groove on.

We snuck out just in time to catch the sunset over the lake.

Best exit ever. Marissa surprised her groom with fireworks before they left…

And Mia takes them away…


2 thoughts on “An All-Star Team: Marissa + Peter

  1. “Oh my precious Heavenly Father, THANK YOU for preparing this day for my dear Marissa before the creation of the world. She loves You and trusts You with all her heart. Thank You for giving her the desires of her heart! AMEN!”

    And Mary…wow! Here I am sitting on the couch in my home and I feel like I was THERE looking at those pictures! I could picture the voices, Marissa’s laugh, the way the sound vibrates in that lovely chapel, the music at the reception, and I could almost smell the Bo & Mo blend. Thank you for capturing the day so perfectly so that those of us who couldn’t be there truly could feel like we were!

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