The Unbreakable Vow: Tiffany + Michael

On September 23rd, 2007 they began their relationship. They had grown up together but had never really crossed paths until mutual friends introduced them their senior year of high school. The first thing she noticed about him were his ‘gorgeous green eyes.’ The first thing he noticed about her were her ‘gorgeous green eyes.’ A match made in heaven.

On September 23rd, 2010, exactly four years after they began dating, he knelt to the ground and asked her to marry him. After a long night of her wishing it was indeed ‘the night,’ he started to take her home and she had given up hope. By the time he surprised her with a gazebo-front proposal, she was so speechless she could only nod in acceptance.

On September 23, 2012 they will become husband and wife and make an unbreakable vow.

Tiffany and Michael have a sweet love story marked by tradition and celebration and I am so honored that they would allow me to be there on that special 9/23. We had a blast shooting their engagements in the Bishop Arts District and they were such troopers as I had them running around all over the place. Not only did they endure my giddiness due to all kinds of ‘yummy light’, but they were champs as we endured a patch of untimely rain. I stood shooting under an umbrella and they didn’t flinch. Can’t wait for these two to tie-the-knot in late September!

Enjoy some of my favorites of their shoot!

Happy Tuesday!

(When I asked Tiffany what she and Michael loved to do together, she said they love to read Harry Potter books. How fun is that. So of course we had to incorporate them into the shoot…duh. When she told me that there was a chapter entitled ‘The Unbreakable Vow’ I was beside myself. How fitting for this couple who are about to do just that! Love it. Maybe I need to pick me up a HP copy and start the series after all…)

I’d like to take credit for Michael’s awesome laugh here but I’m pretty sure his bride-to-be gets the glory. Wish I was that funny…

I can absolutely see why he noticed her eyes first. Beautiful.

Love this shot. Curbside romance.

We found this awesome green door in a random abandoned little nook of the district. I think some people would have looked at me like I was a nutcase but they just smiled and let me do my thing. I think it paid off. That green wall with her ‘gorgeous green eyes’ was dynamite.

He really liked it…

In the middle of the rain storm, this guy waived us inside to an unfinished store space he was working on and invited us to take some pics. He was thoughtful AND creative.

The rain was actually perfect timing for us to go inside a cute coffee shop in the Bishop Arts and break out the Harry Potter books. I love it when couples incorporate things that are special to them.

Once the rain stopped, we decided to move outside and utilize some of that wonderful post rain light. Heavenly.

This was definitely taken on a newspaper stand…oh macro how I love thee.

Girl…stop it with those eyes. You are gorgeous. Seriously.

It was about this time that I was doing my usual ‘yummy light meets great image’ squeal. Its a wonder my clients don’t turn me in as a crazo.


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