A Blessed Day: Jessica + John

Mary Fields Photography

I follow Jasmine Star (world renown wedding photographer) like she was an ice cream truck on a hot summer day. Like a band groupie on tour. Like Robin follows Batman. Like Luke Skywalker follows Obi Wan. Her blog is bookmarked on my home page and it’s part of my daily ritual to check up on what latest advice/work she has to share. She has shaped so much of how I approach my business and how I seek to work with my clients. You could say she has been my mentor, my Yoda, my Mr. Miyagi. Don’t worry, the rest of the wedding photog industry follows her the same AND I have met her once so I’m not a total weirdo. We even have a picture together which basically makes us best friends.

One thing I remember Jasmine saying on her blog was that she loved when a bride becomes a friend. What an interesting thing to say I remember thinking to myself. However, from the time Jessica booked me several months ago until now, I can say that I consider her a sweet new friend. How cool is my job?

Oh Jasmine, wise you are. Continue following you I will.

John and Jessica are special. They are special because on their wedding day and every day leading up to it, they had one purpose. To honor God in their union. It was the morning of the wedding and she had woken up sick. However, she never flinched. Her goal was to marry John and to humbly commit her life to him, in sickness and in health. Thankfully the Lord was gracious, giving her new energy and health, allowing the day to be exactly what it should be. Blessed.

They were married in a beautiful chapel in North Texas with their loved ones watching in agreement of their vow to one another. The pastor recalled the workings of their relationship over the years and it was clear that God had gone before them, aligning their paths from that day forward. With an incredible amount of peace and joy in that beautiful chapel, they made their pledges, shared communion and were pronounced husband and wife. Oh glorious day.

Jessica and John, you really are special. I did not know you at all before this process started and yet, in my few months of knowing you, I am confident that this is a special union. You both have your sights set on what matters. Eternity. Together, I am sure that you will do greater things than apart. Please know how blessed I was to be part of your engagement and your wedding day. I am grateful for the friendship that was started and hope it continues in years to come.

Enjoy some of my favorites from their day!

Happy Monday!

Ashton Gardens. Gorgeous.

Oh bling bling.

Mrs. Sarver.

Jessica, I bet you’ve never had this happen before…

Of course if you are a guy hanging out before your wedding…you’d be watching a baseball game. What else?

Seriously beautiful chapel. The natural light made me a little…no much more than a little giddy.

Their parents praying with them.


So handsome.

Beautiful girls.

The bride’s one request. Bridal party silly faces. LOVE it. What a fun bridal party.

Jessica, one word. STUNNING!

I may be in love with this shot.

Girl, you are too beautiful for words.

I think he’s in love or something.

So…they make my job way too easy.


John and Jessica Sarver.

Mr. and Mrs!!!!

Love this picture of Jessica and her father. His first girl to get married. So sweet.

They had this really fun part of their dance. It was awesome.

Let me just say that I don’t usually post so many dancing pictures but I couldn’t help it. They had an AWESOME dance party. And in the middle of the day! Impressive!

Ruth, you are way to cool for words. Seriously, I cannot even express how wonderful you were throughout the whole process and not to mention your crazy awesome dance moves!

Pure awesomeness.

Coolest Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom. They danced the whole time. No really, they did.

Oh Lauren, you made this way too fun for me. Can you come to all of my weddings?

Possibly some of my favorite shots from the whole day. Especially the one on the right.

Maid of Honor getting some air. Perfect.


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