A Sentimental Reflection: Announcement of the New Site

I am an incredibly sentimental person. Like painfully so. My family always makes fun of me for having to commemorate everything…literally everything. When I left high school and moved to college, I had to have a ‘moment’ walking around the house to say goodbye. When I left the University of Oklahoma, finishing some of the sweetest years of my life thus far, I took an afternoon and walked around campus just so that I could remember. I drank in all of the sights and smells, dwelling on all that had happened in my time there. Right before I drove out-of-town last October and moved myself to Dallas, TX, I of course I had to go to ‘my spot’ on the dock and commemorate my years in Missouri. Call it weird and I wouldn’t disagree, but that’s me. Before I leave anything in the rear view, I need a moment to reflect. So today, I’m leaving this blog in the rear view but not without a time of sweet thankfulness and reflection.

I started this blog in faith on February 22, 2011. Who knew what exactly prompted me to do it as it was really unlike me, but I did. Maybe it was the nudging of friends and family to showcase my words and my pictures. Maybe it was the longing inside of me to pursue my dream. Or maybe, and much more likely, it was the Lord. He brought me to it and has shaped me in SO many ways through it. I have written so much, shared so much and grown so much on this site. It has been therapeutic, challenging and developmental for me and for that, I am incredibly thankful. However, over 100 posts and 18 months later, I am moving on to new things. This blog will always be like my first camera. A great place to start. A great thing to remember. A starting place that set me up for unbelievable growth. A blessing.

So, as the sentimental person I can’t help being, I take this moment to say thanks to all of you faithful followers for giving me some of your time over these last 18 months. Your encouragement and feedback has been life-giving! I hope you will stick with me! Thanks to all my family and friends for your faithful and unending support! If it wasn’t for your belief in me, I would not be where I am today. Last but certainly not least, thank you to the God of this Universe for loving me enough to plan my steps. I am oh so grateful for this past step and now for this next one!

That being said, I am now announcing the launch of my new website/blog at www.maryfieldsphotography.com!!!! Head over to check it out! Here’s to many more years of commemorating God’s goodness and the ‘world through my lens’ on this blog!

Happy Saturday!



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