She’s Crazy.

Sometimes people think I’m crazy. Sometimes I agree with them.

Ok, I’m not really crazy but I do lead a somewhat crazy life…and I somewhat like it that way. I’ve always been known as the girl that never stops, does too much, is always busy and says yes to everything. That’s me and I’m okay with it. For some reason being busy makes me feel accomplished, invigorated and fulfilled. I may change my ways in future years as I do have to admit that my stamina is waning a little, but for now it’s me and it’s life.

That being said, I have just finished an insane wedding season. 9 weddings in 8 weeks. Not to mention family sessions, engagements, rehearsal dinners, anniversary shoots, sister’s wedding, 5 states and many late nights. I know right? It’s alright, you can say it (or really just think it since this is cyberspace)…’she’s crazy.’ I’m not going to disagree with you. Life for me in the last two months has been a bit ridiculous but at the end of it all, I still LOVE what I do, I’m SO grateful for the way the Lord has provided such sweet clients, I made it through without too much mental stress and I only have one or two additional nervous twitches since I started. I’d say I’m doing pretty well. However, today marks the first Saturday that I have had off in far too long so I’m going to sign off and go soak up some rays. Drink in some Vitamin D. Have a lunch date with my long lost friend…Mr. Sun. So sorry cyberworld…but Adios Amigos!

In the meantime, please enjoy a sneak peek of the super fun bridal party I shot a few weeks ago. Looking forward to posting this wedding soon. I’m pretty sure I have made every one of these faces in the craziness of the last 8 weeks…yep, pretty positive this describes all of my emotions!

Happy Saturday!


The Unbreakable Vow: Tiffany + Michael

On September 23rd, 2007 they began their relationship. They had grown up together but had never really crossed paths until mutual friends introduced them their senior year of high school. The first thing she noticed about him were his ‘gorgeous green eyes.’ The first thing he noticed about her were her ‘gorgeous green eyes.’ A match made in heaven.

On September 23rd, 2010, exactly four years after they began dating, he knelt to the ground and asked her to marry him. After a long night of her wishing it was indeed ‘the night,’ he started to take her home and she had given up hope. By the time he surprised her with a gazebo-front proposal, she was so speechless she could only nod in acceptance.

On September 23, 2012 they will become husband and wife and make an unbreakable vow.

Tiffany and Michael have a sweet love story marked by tradition and celebration and I am so honored that they would allow me to be there on that special 9/23. We had a blast shooting their engagements in the Bishop Arts District and they were such troopers as I had them running around all over the place. Not only did they endure my giddiness due to all kinds of ‘yummy light’, but they were champs as we endured a patch of untimely rain. I stood shooting under an umbrella and they didn’t flinch. Can’t wait for these two to tie-the-knot in late September!

Enjoy some of my favorites of their shoot!

Happy Tuesday!

(When I asked Tiffany what she and Michael loved to do together, she said they love to read Harry Potter books. How fun is that. So of course we had to incorporate them into the shoot…duh. When she told me that there was a chapter entitled ‘The Unbreakable Vow’ I was beside myself. How fitting for this couple who are about to do just that! Love it. Maybe I need to pick me up a HP copy and start the series after all…)

I’d like to take credit for Michael’s awesome laugh here but I’m pretty sure his bride-to-be gets the glory. Wish I was that funny…

I can absolutely see why he noticed her eyes first. Beautiful.

Love this shot. Curbside romance.

We found this awesome green door in a random abandoned little nook of the district. I think some people would have looked at me like I was a nutcase but they just smiled and let me do my thing. I think it paid off. That green wall with her ‘gorgeous green eyes’ was dynamite.

He really liked it…

In the middle of the rain storm, this guy waived us inside to an unfinished store space he was working on and invited us to take some pics. He was thoughtful AND creative.

The rain was actually perfect timing for us to go inside a cute coffee shop in the Bishop Arts and break out the Harry Potter books. I love it when couples incorporate things that are special to them.

Once the rain stopped, we decided to move outside and utilize some of that wonderful post rain light. Heavenly.

This was definitely taken on a newspaper stand…oh macro how I love thee.

Girl…stop it with those eyes. You are gorgeous. Seriously.

It was about this time that I was doing my usual ‘yummy light meets great image’ squeal. Its a wonder my clients don’t turn me in as a crazo.

An All-Star Team: Marissa + Peter

Mary Fields Photography

She is a gem. That woman who you look at and think, ‘I’d like to be like her.’ She is faithful. Patient. Kind. Godly. Joyful. A GREAT cook. Nurturing. Warm. Compassionate. Fun. Not to mention Beautiful.

Marissa is what you would call a catch. I mean really, she is an All-Star to the max. I’m sure she has her faults as we all do, but you can’t be around her for two minutes without wishing she could just rub off on you. Maybe if you just stand a little closer her All-Starness will have some affect on you…like osmosis. Well, this All-Star has been waiting for the Lord to bring her co-All-Star into the picture and not just waiting, but waiting patiently. Her faithfulness is uncanny and her standard for the man she was waiting for didn’t waiver. How wonderful too that the Lord did not disappoint.

They met about three years ago at the Kanakuk Institute where she is the Dean of Women, loving on the female students so very well and so very faithfully. He was a Chicagoan who had traveled the world and by a crazy connection had found this Bible training program tucked away in the Ozarks of Missouri. They were just friends for that year, although she was instantly endeared to the man that he was, the kind that is All-Star material. Upon graduation, he headed off to Hawaii and so she thought their roads were separated. A year later, however, his road brought him back to that little town in the hills and his heart began to be drawn to this catch of a woman. He would visit the summer camp she was running simply to be around her and to build that friendship he hoped turned into more. As summer ended and fall began, their friendship strengthened and her heart was more and more endeared to this man she had fallen for long ago. When he confessed his affection for her she was giddy with excitement.  After four-ish months of dating, he knelt to the ground and asked her to be his bride, seeing as everyone has the gem that was before him. On a perfect Saturday in early May, they joined hands and said their vows, promising forever. Their guests sat in a beautiful chapel overlooking the lake in that small Ozark town where it had all begun, and everyone was thinking the same thing about this All-Star team. It was worth the wait.

Marissa, words cannot express how serious I am when I say that you are a gem. You are genuinely a model of a godly woman. Thank you for being such a sweet friend over the years. Being part of your wedding was an incredible blessing for me as I got to witness the great faithfulness of our God. Peter, there are few that would deserve a woman like Marissa but simply put…you do. What a match the Lord has ordained! Wishing you both the best in the years to come!!

Happy Sunday!

(And once again…there are too many. Apparently my ‘working on it’ isn’t going very well)

Marissa and Peter kept a chain to count down the days. They saw each other for coffee that morning and broke the last chain together. Sweet.

Peter wrote her the sweetest note for his ‘Wife’ and she of course had to share it with her girlfriends…duh.

You didn’t know that I was a make-up artist on wedding day as well did you? Just call me Wonderwoman.

And this is my other Wonderwoman half. My sister the hair stylist. She’s the best.

This wedding chapel is beautiful and both Marissa and Peter wanted to get married here, even before they were dating.

I had to post these in honor of Mia, Marissa’s mini cooper. The get away car and her baby!

Somehow cowboy boots remain a theme in my work and its totally unplanned. I love it though.

Sweet moment between the bride and her mother. It’s moments like this that make my job so fun.

Marissa, really you were a STUNNING bride.

Can you tell she is an All-Star by the number of friends she has?!? See, I’m not the only one that thinks so. Pretty girls.

Beautiful bride.

Marissa’s niece was the flower girl and I am so glad I was there for this moment…seeing her aunt for the first time. Moments like this are priceless.

And see what I mean about him being an All-Star too? Obviously he is well liked!

Praying before the ceremony. What a blessing for me to be there in the midst of this.

Here comes the bride! Peter’s face says it all.

I think he’s excited or something…

This reaction to being pronounced ‘husband and wife’ is the best ever. Not to mention what he was given permission to do because of it…

Officially Mr. and Mrs.!

Love this.

So…there was this really awesome Rolls Royce.

Marissa LOVES coffee so there had to be a coffee bar. However, they went the extra mile and roasted their own coffee beans as a gift for their guests. The Bo and Mo blend (Peter’s nickname is Bodie). Can you say awesome?

Coolest ring story ever…Marissa bought this ring for her future-husband several years ago when she visited Israel. Now, Peter gets to wear it for the rest of his life.

The original woman in his life as observed by the new woman in his life.

Marissa’s sweet grandfather asked her to dance…and I cried.

Most precious thing…a dad and his daughter dancing.

Sweaty boy getting his groove on.

We snuck out just in time to catch the sunset over the lake.

Best exit ever. Marissa surprised her groom with fireworks before they left…

And Mia takes them away…

Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?

“Have I told you lately that I love you 
Could I tell you once again somehow 
Have I told you how with all my heart 
And soul I need you 
Well darling I’m telling you now 
My heart would break in two if I should lose you I’m no good without you anyhow 
Have I told you lately that I love you 
Well, darling, I’m telling you now “

These were the lyrics my Granny would sing over us as children. Words that we sing to each other now and words that I cherish so very dearly.

If you have been a follower of the blog for a while, you might know about the Herd Bull and His Bullette. My wonderful grandparents that lead our pack. The patriarchs of our crazy but wonderful clan. As I was going through all of my pictures from the last crazy 7 weeks, I found these gems from my cousin’s wedding last weekend and had to take a moment and pause. I paused you see because I was suddenly hit by an overwhelming feeling of pride. Not the kind of pride that leads to a fall. A more humble, grateful, blessed kind of pride in the heritage that I have. Pride in these two people who have so very much shaped who I am and the world I grew up in. A world that was characterized by godliness, love and laughter. Words cannot even begin to express how much I love these two and how much I admire who they are. My family, though we have our quirks, is a beautiful assemblage and picture of what family should be. We owe SO much of that to the faithfulness of these two. Their love for our God, their committed love for each other and their selfless love for each one of us has created a heritage that I am so proud to call my own.

Thank you Granny and Papa for leading this herd so well. You are both a treasure that I don’t deserve. I simply cannot express the way your lives have blessed and shaped my own…in the best possible way. Have I told you lately that I love you? Well…I am telling you now.

Happy Tuesday!

My Granny is still as beautiful as ever.  

My Papa and I dancing at the wedding. He is way better than I’ll ever be. So grateful that he is back on his feet after a painful battle with cancer. God is so very good.

I know the one on the left is blurry but I still loved it too much not to show it. What a memory for me 🙂

Just short of 60 years of marriage and still dancing. Still in love. They had their first date when they were 12. Married at 20 and dancing ever since. What a picture of marriage that the world needs to see. So grateful for this example in my life.

An Answered Prayer: Jessica + Reed Engagement

They met in March 2011. Jessica was being brought on to work for Global Aid Network, an organization that seeks to demonstrate the love of God to hurting and needy people around the world. Reed was working for them at the time but unfortunately, and as if to make the story that much better, it was his last week.  “We didn’t talk more than a mere exchange of words,” she said, “but I remember thinking he was cute and it was a shame he was leaving.” Fate would take care of this dilemma just a few months later however, as they reconnected at an engagement party for mutual friends. After talking at length and recognizing they would be attending the same seminary in the fall, Reed’s interest peaked and a plan began to form. Asking Jessica to coffee to ‘discuss seminary’ was a perfect way to learn more about this woman who had caught his attention. Four hours into the coffee date he got her number and their love story started.

Little did they know however, that God had been designing this match long before those lattes were ever served. You see, throughout their lives, God been developing in each of them a desire and a heart to reach the nations…separately. Reed had been praying for a spouse that would share his heart for missions, and the Lord delivered. Faithfully. He gave them each other to fulfill that desire…together. An answered prayer.

With a shared heart for the world, an ability to laugh together and a love that is undeniable, these two will tie the knot in September! I met Jessica at church my first Sunday in Texas and we immediately bonded over our shared love for photography. While being a wedding/portrait photographer herself, she is also pursuing a master’s in media communication so as to use her talents for humanitarian work. I was instantly challenged and encouraged by her heart to use photography to change lives. When she asked me to shoot their wedding I was incredibly honored! Their engagement shoot in downtown Dallas was a ton of fun and I can’t wait for September!

Reed and Jessica, thanks so much for letting me part of this season with you! It is clear that the Lord has brought you together to do great things for the nations. I can’t wait to see where He takes you together!

Happy Thursday!

Love these next two.

Jessica spent part of her life growing up in Dallas and she distinctly remembers this blue building. She would drive to church and always think of how intriguing it was. So, of course it made a perfect backdrop for our shoot.

Stunning. Seriously stunning.

We went downtown for the urban feel but I love these beautiful tall trees in the middle of downtown. Perfect.

Favorite. So content.

What an incredibly beautiful couple! I told Reed that he’s lucky he gets to look at those pretty blue eyes for the rest of his life…

Sweet moment.

I asked Jessica to fix his tie and in the middle of it she and I both discovered neither of us actually know how to tie a tie. I need to add that to my to do list. You never know when that will come in handy.

These red flowers outside the Myerson Symphony center were a perfect backdrop for our cloudy afternoon shoot.

I’m in love with this shot. Love.

Pure delight in the man that she loves.

When Jessica and I were discussing the shoot, she expressed that she really wanted to incorporate Sprinkles Cupcakes which of course was music to my ears. Any girl who loves her some cupcakes is a woman after my own heart. Without even meaning to, she got one white and one black…ironically very bride and groom-esque. I loved it!

Bling Blingitty.

As the sun began to set we headed over to the El Fenix restaurant where these two will have their rehearsal dinner. It has an A-mazing roof top patio for dining where you can see the Dallas skyline. Needless to say I was a kid in a candy shop!


Really Jessica, you made this easy.

Can you say money shot? For real, I can’t get enough of this.

Pretty in White: Jessica Bridal Photography

I’m so excited that I finally get to show you Jessica’s bridal portraits! Whenever I do a shoot, I get so pumped to share the images with the world that it’s like a child waiting for summer vacation at Christmas break. It seems to last For-eeeeeeeever. The wait is over though because sweet Jessica married the man of her dreams, John, last Saturday at the beautiful Ashton Gardens. (Post coming soon) SO, that means that the bridals are no longer in the vault! Hope you enjoy the images of this stunning bride.

Happy Wednesday!

Mary Fields Photography


So recent events have got me thinking. Marriage. What a wonderful word that can’t even begin to express the depth of what it really is. Having never had the privilege of sharing in such a union, I know that my understanding is limited. However, having also had the great privilege of witnessing some incredible examples of marriage, I feel confident enough to say that the unity of a man and woman is unlike anything else. It is precious. Special. Ordained. Refining. Intimate.


I believe in this unity and I am blessed to be able to be a witness to so many covenants. In the midst of the chaos, the exhaustion and the stress of my profession, I feel so honored to document that significant day when a bride looks to her groom and says, “I do.” It is that union that is worth celebrating because it is set out by God, His plan…not our own.

As wedding season continues on, in the midst of all my craziness, I am grateful today to so frequently be able to join in celebration as a groom and his bride join in perfect unity.

Happy Friday.

(Mary Fields Photography)