Ohana Means Family.

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If you have ever watched the Disney movie with a little Hawaiian girl and a strange little alien creature who needs a dentist appointment STAT, you will know the significance of this word.

Ohana means family.

That’s what Stitch says frequently throughout the movie ‘Lilo and Stitch,’ and although it’s not one of my favorite Disney movies, I have always loved this little phrase. There’s nothing particularly profound about it really, but I love what it does. The phrase draws your attention to one thing. It focuses on one thing that the world has begun to take attention away from. Family. (You think Focus on the Family will mind us borrowing the principle?) Oh the importance of that word. A healthy family is priceless because of what it offers. Stability. Security. Principles. Support. Guidance. Safety. Provision. Relationship. Fellowship. Blessing. Joy. Discipline. Affirmation. Love. Unconditional love. And the list goes on.

I LOVE photographing families because it reminds me of not only the significance of  family, but also the pure joy. Here’s to celebrating the beauty of family!


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