About Me. That’s always a hard thing to produce. When I was in elementary school we were asked to write a poem that described who we were. I boldly entitled mine, “I Am A Small Girl Who Keeps Quiet.” At the time this prose fit me so well as I was indeed a petite girl who rarely found the confidence or really the need to speak out. If I were to be given the same assignment today, however, the title of my poem would probably have changed a bit. Now, at 24 years of age, it should read “I Am A Small Woman Who…” Yes, that’s right. Not only do I think I qualify for Womanhood, but the latter half of my title would indeed be left open ended. Why you ask? Well, who I am is being defined on a daily basis as I live and experience life. So, here is to the open endedness of Mary Powell’s poem.

However, I do know some definites about me if you were to wonder or even care.

1. My life purpose is to glorify the God of this Universe and to proclaim the truth of His Son Jesus Christ.

2. I have the best family a girl could ask for. Complete with two loving parents, 3 sisters who are dear friends and 1 wonderful brother in law who so gracefully puts up with our ridiculousness.

3. I am a Sooner Born and Sooner Bred and when I die I’ll be a Sooner Dead.

4. I love to be outdoors and so I thus have a significant disdain for winter.

5. Dancing is freedom for me. If I was 5′ 7″ and didn’t have short stumpy legs…and if I had the talent, I’d be dancing in a dance company right now. Wishful thinking.

6. I have an identical twin so don’t get confused. It’s easy to do. You aren’t seeing double. Or maybe you are…

7. Last but not least, I adore photography. It started in High School and I can’t even pin point why. Maybe it’s because I am almost embarassingly sentimental, always wanting to revel in the past and to reminisce about times gone by. It’s undoubtedly in my blood as my family is famous for sitting around the dinner table for hours as we share countless numbers of stories about failed family vacations, sweet childhood memories and funny personal faux pas. Inevitably the gaps in between these conversations are filled with hearty laughter and smiles. Being sentimental is priceless because it allows you to hold on to a heritage, a history, a memory. It is probably this reason that I love to “capture” a moment. To freeze it in time. Maybe then the photograph will serve as a tangible reminder of those sentimental moments that we love to laugh about around the dinner table. Maybe.

That’s me in a nutshell. This blog is a leap of faith for me as I can’t imagine why anyone would really care what I have to say or be remotely interested in the pictures I produce, but at the urging of a couple of friends, here goes nothing.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Absolutely LOVE. I love this entire thing. I love the way you write Mare Bear! I would love to do a “not real twins, but still want to be twins” photo shoot with you! I would love for it to be somewhere sunny. I love looking at this. It is all lovely. Love love love.

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  3. Honey, there is no nutshell big enough for you even though your size may be little…who you are is gigantic… as we learn every time we read your post’s. Love IS a word, but as you say it is a deep, deep emotion felt for you every day by…Granny and Papa

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