Young Love. Fresh Love.

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Love. What a word that has so much depth to it despite it’s simplistic four letter make up. A word that despite geographical expanses, language barriers, cultural inconsistencies and even physical countenances, somehow manages to bring commonality across the word. The desire to receive it. The innate notion to give it. The excitement it brings. The comfort it provides. The wounds it mends. The gaps it fills. Judging by it’s implications, I’d say it’s important. So, this page is dedicated to the kind of love shared between a man and a woman. Celebrating the beautiful design of marriage both pre and post. Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Young Love. Fresh Love.

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  2. My name is Liz (the bride to be) & I am getting married November 4, 2012 & need a photographer. I’ve looked at your work and really like what I see. I couldn’t find how to contact you or any information.

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