Love in the Park: Lauren + Devin

Where South Versailles meets Lomo Alto, there is a quaint little park. You may not even notice it if you were to simply drive by but if you stop and take a moment, you’d fall in love with it. Love was a key part of that park a few weeks ago when I hid behind some bushes and secretly photographed the proposal of my dear friends Lauren and Devin. As bystanders walked by giving me strange looks, I just waved them on doing my best to communicate that I wasn’t a creeper. It was all worth it too as I look at these images and think of what a special day it was!

I was there when they met. I had just moved to town and was visiting her at the seminary she attended. Little did she know, he had been crushing on her since the beginning of the semester but they had yet to meet. She was the pretty blonde in his morning class that he really wanted to get to know. So, at chapel that afternoon, some of his friends very craftily schemed to get a group together for dancing that night. The world would be lacking if it weren’t for wing men. Along for the ride, we all headed to Fort Worth. With the two of them in the front seat, conversation flowed and a date was proposed. Seven months later, with me in the bushes, he proposed something much more significant. A life together. Without hesitation, she of course said yes.

Lauren and Devin, I am SO very excited for you both and can’t wait to see what lies ahead for you as a couple. Devin, thanks for letting me be part of that special day! Lauren, thanks for being such a sweet friend! You made my transition to Dallas so much fun and much easier than it should have been!

Enjoy some of my favorite shots from the proposal!

Happy Friday!


4 thoughts on “Love in the Park: Lauren + Devin

  1. Mary, I love your photos, especially peeking into the gazebo over the flowers. A precious story too! Love it, and congratulations to Lauren and Devin!!!!

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