Love is In the Air: Beth + Tommy

It’s funny the places life takes you. There are people that come into your life early on and through life’s twists and turns, they remain. Our families grew up together. There were four girls in our family and three in their’ s. We were all the same age though because we cheated with twins. Both families found their church home at a little church downtown that met in an old theatre. It was simple…VERY simple…and there weren’t very many of us. However, one thing was true. We were a family. The church was called Believers Fellowship and that’s exactly what it was. A fellowship of believers. We loved each other dearly, did life together and literally grew together. Beth is the eldest of their three girls but we were close enough in age to still cross paths quite often. I have pictures of us at church picnics with us all in crazy costumes. We even spent a hot summer in Tyler, TX together as we both prepared to go overseas on a mission trip in high school. Oh the stories we could tell of life in our small town in Oklahoma.

Over the years Beth and I have kept up and managed to still cross paths every now and then even though our lives have led us all over. In many ways I attribute my interest in photography to her. She used to always take her camera everywhere and take snapshots of daily life. We’d sit at the bottom of my steps in the house I grew up in, talking until late at night with all our friends. I remember she’d just pull out her camera every once in a while and take a snap shot. “I want to do that someday,” I’d think to myself. And thanks to her inspiration, that someday has come.

I was thrilled when Beth called me a few months ago and told me that she was engaged! She and Tommy had met at a work Christmas party and hit it off immediately. Unfortunately, they were based in different cities but that didn’t stop them, love was in the air. It didn’t take long for these two to realize they wanted to be together forever. We met up in downtown Frisco, TX for their engagements and had a BLAST! With Beth being a photographer herself, she practically read my mind the whole session! Oh what a dream. On top of that, their love for one another was so evident that I didn’t even have to try to instruct them. They did it all on their own! Again, oh what a dream.

Beth and Tommy, thanks so much for letting me be part of your engagement season! I had so much fun on our session and can’t thank you enough for trusting me to the point of traipsing around in wheat fields and old, run down, snake-ridden barns. I am so excited for your September wedding and your future together! Beth, thanks for the years of horrible costumes, overseas trips, youth group, staircase talks, candid photos and friendship! Here’s to many more years of crossed paths!

Enjoy some of my favorites of their session!

Happy Thursday!

Happy 🙂

Mary Fields Photography

Beth insisted she wasn’t very good at what I call the ‘Sasha Fierce’ look. I beg to differ. Those eyes are too beautiful to describe…

Um…yeah. In love with this one. Such happy faces.

Dallas Wedding Photography

Looking good Tommy. Lookin good.

See what I mean about those eyes? Gorgeous.

They brought the coolest wine classes with them that they bought in Eureka Springs, AR where they are getting married. I want them…

Yep, this light was a dream. Yummy light.

Tommy served in the United States Marine Corps so I loved that they brought these for the shoot. How often we forget the sacrifice so many give us. Thank you Tommy for fighting for our country and our freedom. Words cannot adequately express our gratitude.

Proud of her man!

So, I drove past a wheat field recently and decided it would be a dream to shoot in. Thankfully, my clients trust me enough to go where I ask…and I hope they think its worth it because I sure do! We ventured off into the unknown of this field…which was pretty high. They were such troopers though and let me be a little crazy. I LOVE the result though so maybe my craziness pays off…

The fact that the moon is in this shot is just icing on the cake.

So…no word except Favorite.

Ok so another favorite. You can never have too many.

Bring those awesome wine glasses out again…of course.

The benefit of shooting in a wheat field in North Texas: There just happens to be a really cool old abandoned barn across the street. Ok…awesome.

I think they are in love or something…


2 thoughts on “Love is In the Air: Beth + Tommy

  1. I am totally in love with these! It was so fun doing this shoot with you. And your intro paragraphs made me cry…so many wonderful memories and hilarious stories that I still tell to this day (remember the 3 hotel room debacle?). A girl at work commented that our love for each other was evident in these images. Thank you from the most sincere place I can imagine for capturing that so perfectly for us. You were made to do this!

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