Baby You’re a Firework: Pierce/Callier Engagement

They aren’t your typical high school sweethearts. They are the kind that lasted. Love found early on that is rare and in its rarity, oh so special. It’s this kind of love that makes me love what I do. It’s refreshing in a world that devalues genuine self-sacrificing love and so I cherish the time I get to spend with couples who DO value it. Logan and Jenna have been dating for about five years, after a best friend of his asked her to a dance (funny how things work out), and their love for each other has been growing ever since.

“She has shown me how to be a better person to others and even to myself,” he said when I asked how she makes him better. “She lifts me up spiritually, emotionally and really in every other area. She is such a encourager.”

He constantly does things to make me laugh,” she told me when I asked her favorite thing about him. “He makes our relationship so much fun. This is one thing about him and our relationship that I don’t ever want to change. I hope we are 62 and still making each other laugh.”

Well Logan’s proposal was nothing short of fun. Jenna has loved fireworks since she was a little girl and Logan, being sweet and thoughtful, wanted desperately to include these bright explosives in his proposal. Unfortunately, it was just not possible to pull this off. At least in a literal sense. In an admirable mark of creativity, he found a different way to include her childhood favorite in a way that I personally think is better. It was a hot summer day in Central Park. She was confused as to why they were sitting out at the Bethesda Fountain in the heat of the day during their NYC summer vacation. He was trying to stay calm before he asked the most important question of his life. While Amy Adams didn’t appear in a long teal dress made out of curtains and reggae artists didn’t beat steel drums to the beat of “How Does She Know,” the scene that followed had great similarities to the grandeur of that famous Enchanted scene. Out of nowhere Katy Perry’s “Firework’ blasted and a random flash mob ensued before Jenna. In a scene that makes you laugh and cry at the same time, Logan knelt to one knee and asked his high school sweetheart, the love of his life, to be his bride. With hands to her face in shock, she said yes without hesitation. It’s quite possibly one of the coolest proposals that I have ever seen…and yes you can see it too. Believe me it’s worth it.

In my few hours with this couple I fell in love with them. They are super laid back, easy to be around and a ton of fun. What I love most about them though is that their love for each other is first and foremost rooted in their mutual love for Christ. It is because of this that I am confident that together they will ‘ignite, the light, and let it shine. And then own the night like the 4th of July.” Thank you Katy Perry.

Logan and Jenna, thanks so much for letting me be part of this season with you! Can’t wait to be there on the big day! You are truly a special couple!

Happy Tuesday! (Warning: I had WAY too many favorites with this shoot so its long)

Our first location was at the Farmers Market in Dallas and they were sweet to humor me in my crazy antics.

Again with my crazy antics. ‘Here, make these bananas your smiles.’ I’m weird and I’m ok with that.

Love this downtown shot.

Love this shot. Love it.

Love is written all over their faces.

Fave. Definitely a fav.

I found this great blue wall downtown. It’s in the middle of nowhere and again…they humored me.

Cool shoes.

Jenna, your smile on the right is beautiful. Just beautiful.

This image says to me… pure contentment.

“I don’t know if we will be any good at serious shots,” they told me. This shot is proof that they were wrong. So model-esque. Beautiful.

Their faces say it all.

Apparently their trademark is lift pictures so of course we couldn’t pass it up. Logan, so impressive. Jenna, so graceful.

Obsessed with this picture.

Seriously? This is STUNNING. Jenna you are breathtaking and you can officially never say you can’t do a serious face again.

So we stumbled upon this awesome bamboo and it created the perfect haven for their perfect love.

Bling Bling.

So this kind of looks like I’m a total creeper but I love how this wall frames them.

This color scheme makes me happy. Happy to the point of giddiness.

So it was at this point that the ‘golden hour’ of light set in and I became like a little school girl, squealing with excitement. They probably thought I was an absolute weirdo but I couldn’t contain myself. This is my favorite light. I call it, yummy light. Cause it’s yummy.

Girl you are gorg.

Another fav. Too many!!


8 thoughts on “Baby You’re a Firework: Pierce/Callier Engagement

  1. These photographs are just as beautiful and good as the subjects. You are able to bring out the best in your subjects! Thank you.
    Grandma Devenport

  2. Oh MY!!! You two are fabulous…you’re parents must be gorgeous! LOVE you both so much!! ~Angela (Logan’s mom)

  3. What Beautiful pictures of two very Beautiful people. My Love and Prayers are with the two of you always. Linda “GAGGI” Voyles (Your other Grandmother)

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