Five and Blessed: Houston Family.

Children are a blessing from the Lord…so when you have five you are EXTRA blessed! That is certainly true of this family of seven. They are blessed and are a blessing. The Houston family has been a fun part of my life for the last several years and have been a supporter of my photography since I started almost two years ago. They were one of my first ‘clients’ last winter when their youngest was born and I was so glad that they let me photograph them right before I left Missouri. With each one of the kids a little bit older than the last shoot, it made it a little bit easier to capture their fun spirits. Not to mention one of the last times we did a shoot it was about 30 degrees cooler. That makes a difference. Coming from a house of five girls and one boy, I totally relate to the dynamics of this family. Matt is grateful for at least one ally I’m sure. Each one of their children has a unique personality that makes up a super fun family! They are a blast and I miss them like a snowman misses snow in the summer. A lot 🙂 Enjoy!

Happy Wednesday!

LOVE this smile.

Pretty blue eyes.

So handsome.

Can’t believe she has gotten this old. Beautiful.

Sweet smile.

Momma’s little man….her only one 🙂

Love me some wildflowers.

Hay bales!!

Sometimes we need Daddy’s help.

Be still my heart. Chivalry is not dead.

Beautiful couple brings beautiful children.

Sisterly love.

Yes. Love it.

Little Chauffeur. Such a gentleman.


A miracle that they are all looking and smiling. Personal victory.


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